The Iron Price guild currently only resides in the town of Trysstor, and the town is thriving because of it.  We believe in "paying the iron price" aka paying the effort needed to grow, and our ideal focuses on if you work hard, you will grow in the guild.  Anybody willing to put effort in is welcome, though we also hold Trials in order to select new members.

The newest members are as follows:

Of the party, the Wild Cards:  Ariphiara, a tiefling druid; Elvalina, a human ranger; and Amaris, a moon elf sorcerer.  

Of the party, the Quicksilvers (distinguished by their white uniforms and silver clasped capes): Endolyn, a paladin; Sadon, a human monk, Enengod, a wood elf dual weilding fighter, and Dorophil, a drow wizard.

We also welcome Bubba, a farm boy turned sorcerer. He didn't quite make the Trials enough to become a full fledged member, but has been working on developing the skills needed to become one.  After having a few accident's with magic, we've decided to take him under our wing.  


The Iron Price Guild Quests